Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I like to move it!

More baby shower fun

Jenny and I threw Francesca a baby shower this past weekend at Ridglea Country Club that was such a great time.  Great company, great food and great gifts!  Thanks everyone for coming.
All these baby showers are giving me baby fever!  Ugh oh... better watch out:P 
Braxton and Scott came to crash it at the very end!

Crazy at the Apple Store

Ok... So I am pretty sure that most people don't take their kids to the Apple store if they like to misbehave. Not us. We took him.
Here are some pics of Braxton running wild in the Apple Store last week... yes, in his rainboots. And yes for over an hour. All while Mommy and Daddy were waiting in a roped off line.
Gotta love him. We do!

Work out time...

Braxton likes to help Mimi work out on her elliptical trainer at her house.  I know he helps her burn hundreds of extra calories --- can't you tell?  

I can assure you we will not be purchasing one of those kiddy elliptical machines!  PROMISE!

Two little monkeys...

Jumping on the bed...

Here are some cute pictures of Braxton and Emma playing last week while we were waiting on Emma's daddy to grill out yummy Central Market filets. That night we met Emma's Uncle Scotty, who happens to be dating my cousin from upstate New York -- what a small world!  He is such a great guy and we had a wonderful time that night playing with his niece and nephew and catching up on him and Johanna.  

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Shower for Stacy and Baby Blake!

This weekend we hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law and Braxton's Auntie, Stacy.  It was so much fun... we had great weather, yummy Pulido's cater, and a wonderful crowd that had lots of fun! Braxton cousin's, Reese and Cole, came over to play and they had a blast and even shared quite well.  
The funniest thing ever happened while Stacy was opening her gifts.  She was given a bear that sings, "Jesus loves Me" and Braxton grabbed the bear and started screaming the song at the top of his lungs for about 20 minutes.  We did get video of it and when I get it uploaded, I will share.  It was the cutest/silliest entertainment of the night and needless to say, the bear stayed at our house. 
We can't wait for sweet Blake to be here... she is due in exactly one month - August 20th - which will be here before we know it.  Yay!

Cole showing Braxton how he washes dishes

Braxton and Brandy taking a tumble

Sweet baby Chloe

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swimming with Emma

There is nothing like spending a long, hot (100+), Summer day at the pool, especially when it is with good friends.  And that is just what we did yesterday with Emma and her mommy, Francesca.  Here is B all excited getting ready to head out the door and some other fun pictures of him and his best friend, Emma, playing. Too precious!  

Emma can play cars too!  

After yummy ice cream popsicles...

Gotta do the dishes

We have a new favorite water toy... a water sink for the back yard.  Braxton can now help do the dishes, water the flowers, and take a bath all on his own!  Just kidding... sort of;-) Although, he does like to get his hair a little wet sometimes!

"Hard Work"

"B Doing Hard Work".  
Braxton's new favorite phrase taught to him by his Nana and Baba that encompasses a wide range of activities from helping out at the farm to even seeing patients up at Mansfield Family Dentistry when Baba is running behind.  Sometimes we wonder where Nana and Baba would be without all of Braxton's expertise.
Ok... this may not look like hard work... but it is!
 And here is great picture of Dr. Cody and Dr. John doing hard work side by side: