Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Easter Egg Hunt - 2010

Our neighborhood held it's First Annual Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend and Braxton took part in the fun! There were TONS of kiddos, the Easter Bunny, a Choo Choo train, and Egg Hunts for all age groups! I could only stay about 20 minutes, which killed me, so there aren't too many pictures, but here are the few I took...
Look at this pro...
Braxton and his Mommy

Burger night at Shady...

After the Easter Egg decorating party we went over to Mimi's house to show off our artistic egg decorating skills and then made our way across the street to Shady for burger night... Grandma's in town! We had a blast with Uncle Alex, Britt, Grandma Sybie and the whole clan. Braxton entertained us all and was able to get in a little golf!
On the way over to the club in style...
Don't worry... the club is plastic and yes, that is a full swing!
4 generations... one in my belly!
Da boys...
His favorite person!

Easter Egg Decorating party!

Francesca held an Easter Egg decorating party yesterday and and the kids had a blast getting messy, getting in the Easter spirit and just playing together! She had a gorgeous table set-up that looked like something out of a magazine... and probably was! We loved getting to see everyone and Braxton loved dipping the eggs in the food coloring... especially the blue and green and made the biggest mess of all - of course! There were delicious snacks, precious Easter basket goodies and lots of bubble fun... and perfect weather. We couldn't have asked for better company or a better day! Thanks Fran... hope we make it a tradition!

Sweet Jules crawling over to the table wanting to decorate!
Jules and Colbie playing
Braxton and Maddon not sure quite what to do first!
Max and Maddon munching on snacks
Bubble fun

Sweet baby Luke... awake!
More bubbles, please!!!
Group photo opp... Braxton, Charlotte, Emma, Maddon & Max... all the big kids!

And had to end the day with a little movie... maybe a Christmas one, but a good one!
Happy early Easter!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Golf Clinic at Mi Casa

Scott and Braxton held a 2 person golf clinic in our back yard last week when the weather was nice. They had a blast, especially Braxton who LOVES anything that has to do with golf. Braxton's favorite phrase of the afternoon was, "My turn?" and Scott didn't get that much practicing in... Oh well... it isn't about him, right?!!! This is Braxton's World.
I love this one... the look on his face is priceless!

Daddy's golf bag and B's golf bag

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random recent fun pics...

I have been so tired lately with the end of my pregnancy approaching and as a direct result, my blogging has been bad - so sorry! Here are some recent cute pictures of what we have been up to, which is a little bit of this and a little bit of that! We have been enjoying this weather and our time outdoors, with the bubble gun, sidewalk chalk and just walks to the park! Braxton tells me all the time that I am his best friend and I am absolutely treasuring these last moments with just "the two of us":)
Look at the joy in those eyes...

He absolutely loves to run all over the back yard trying to catch the bubbles
Soccer man...
Mom, change my diaper on Dad's putting green!
Bubble fun at Emma's
Look at this one!
After dinner piano concert...
Gorgeous sunset
Sidewalk chalk extravaganza

Those eyes... such a sweetheart