Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snowy fun -- Part II

So after the sleety-snow started falling the other day, the real deal started coming down and we had to change outfits to accomodate his freezing body... so into his Thomas rain boots, mittens and warmer clothing and back out the door we went. We had to take the soccer ball because who doesn't like to play soccer in the snow? And we walked over to the park to find all the neighborhood kids building snowmen, throwing snow balls, and living it up!

Check out these moves...
Precious face...

Singing in the rain...
Here is the first Snowman that Braxton has seen in person and he was wowed by it. He did ask, "Mom, where are his eyes?"
It's made of real snow?

This one has eyes, nose and mouth!
Home to take a nice warm bath...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let it snow... AGAIN!

Well it snowed again today! And Braxton was so, so excited that we had to get out in it immediately and play. Can you see the pure joy on his face in the picture above when the snow/sleet just started falling? And my silly child wanted to blow bubbles in this snowy rain. That one was hard to explain... Here are some cute pictures from the first part of our snowy/sleety adventure. I will put the part II in another post!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snowy fun this Christmas!

It was so much fun to have a wintery white SNOWY Christmas this year... We Texans don't really get to enjoy the snow very often and it usually isn't on Christmas! Quite a few people we know jet off to the Rockies or colder climates to have a white Christmas, but this year it came to us:) Braxton took full advantage of the snow we did have and wanted to run, jump, throw and play in it a lot!!! It was too cute... as usual.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"It's FWEEZY" ...Mumbles from Happy Feet

We went to the Ice Sculpture Show at the Gaylord this year and it was so neat - but FREEZING! My parents, brother, his girlfriend and her family all made the trek to Grapevine to see the sculptures and they were grand! Most of the sculptures showcased the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas which we had watched the day before at Emma's house. This made it much more interesting for Braxton to have it fresh on the brain and to know who the characters are. We had to put these obnoxiously large blue coats on to brave the -30 temperature in the exhibit (actually 9 degrees... but felt like -30) and everyone (except me) went down the huge ice slide. Braxton hated it but wanted to go back the next day - of course! We all had a great time together and really had fun (again) seeing this through the eyes of a child...

Babymoon 2.0

My sweet husband took me to Las Ventanas in Cabo a week ago for our Babymoon 2.0. What is a babymoon, you might ask? It is one last trip before the baby arrives... a little pre-baby R&R! It was much needed for the both of us and we both thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing time there together! We did nothing but sleep, eat, swim, golf and watch the Tiger-drama unfold on tv...
Thanks baby for an awesome vacation!