Sunday, January 31, 2010

Harper's crib has arrived!

This past week our baby girl's nursery furniture arrived. It was not much fun cleaning out the old guest room, moving furniture, rearranging closet space, etc. but the major excitement was seeing the joy on Braxton's face as he saw her room start to take shape. This is now one of the routine things we have to do everyday, go see baby Harper's room/crib/closet/clothes/etc. And we like to get in the crib, as well.
He just got home from school and is excited to go upstairs and see the crib!
Walking in her room...
The joy!

Museum fun...

We had a great time this weekend taking Braxton to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History... we did not, however, plan the timing of our visit the best with the Fort Worth Stock Show going on and parking being a bit difficult! Oh well... we had a great time and Braxton loved seeing something new and now has a special interest & love for dinosaurs. They have an awesome area for kids that has all these cool sections - one for trains, groceries, a doctor/hospital part, gymnastics, etc. Braxton did not leave the train area - except when we made him!

And Scott's favorite part of the day was the XTO Energy area that was all about oil & gas and had a really cool movie that shot water and air at you and moved you all around. Braxton was also pretty excited by this, which made his Daddy's day!

The Artist...

Braxton is quite the artist these days. I guess all this freezing cold weather is bringing his inner Picasso out! All he wants to do all day, every day it color, play play-doh, paint, color some more and then finish it off with some more play-doh. The child is sick of playing Thomas the Train, legos, watching anything on tv or video... who thought that would ever happen? Here are a few pictures of some of our watercolor fun with Wonder Pets!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First trip to the Movie Theater...

Today we had a busy day. Braxton had a pajama party at his school, then we went to lunch at one of our faves - Which Wich, came home and he napped and then we were on our way to see the Chipmunks at the Movie Theater! Not a bad day:P
He absolutely had no idea of what to think about having to go to the movies, but in the end he loved the whole experience. From the moment we pulled up to the Rave Theater, he was going on and on about the stars around the sign and was so excited to see the fountain where you can throw coins and make wishes. It was a hit! Then we had to buy a ticket (very cool) and hand it to the ticket taker (not so sure about him), and then the best part - the concessions! Oh the choices... we decided upon a cherry limeade slurpee and some popcorn. The slurpee was not a hit and he takes after his Mimi in the popcorn department - major hit. He loved having the the theater to ourselves, yet we still whispered, had the best seats in middle of the place, but he wasn't quite sure what to make of the Chipmunks, yet warmed up to them 1/2 way through the film. It was great when Daddy came to surprise us and filled the seat on the other side of him - the experience was complete! Oh, dare I need say he wants to go back?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crashing a tea party...

Last week Braxton wanted to stop by Emma's to take her and Charlotte some early Valentine's day cookies (way early)! But that is what McKinley's had, so why not? So, we ventured over to Emma's and had a early morning princess-like tea party, with the two adorable girls still in their jammies. The kids had a blast and it was oh so fun to watch:)

Then the girls stripped down and started to have some real fun!

And here I don't know what they are doing... being goofy little kids I suppose... I think they were pretending to build a snowman and then obviously got confused about the carrot for the nose! HA!

Our little chef in training...

Here are a few cute pictures of Braxton helping his Nana bake a cake for the upsetting football game on Sunday. There's always next year Cowboys!

My sweet boys...

Here they are joining me for one of my pregnancy cravings ~ cheeseburgers from Kincaids! Aren't they the yummiest... or I mean cutest?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Playdate with Emma and Juliana

Yesterday Emma and Juliana came over to play inside at our house and Braxton could (obviously) not contain his excitement, as you can see in his crazy smile in all of these pictures! I clearly don't have his friends over enough and the child loves to show off his toys. We usually go play outside at Central Market, go to other restaurants/places or stay inside the FW lines at other peoples houses... which needs to change! So please start inviting yourselves over - he loves it! It is nice because he is getting a little bit better at sharing, just a little bit though. Anyways, we had a blast playing, eating, chatting, etc. And yes, I still have my Christmas decorations up... Emma was so cute when she walked in she said, "Miss Jamie, Christmas IS OVER!"... it was so cute:)

Another one of his favorite new things to do - build tents!
My child loves babies... it is so sweet to see his kind, gentle heart with little ones. He absolutely and genuinely adores them and is so sweet with how he cares for them. We can't wait for his baby sister to see how great her big brother is going to be with her!