Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loving this weather!

We have been outside every chance we can get and the weather has been quite nice lately. Today Harper wanted to crawl and roam the grass... so when Big Brother got ahold of her she was not happy. Oh well! She sure loves him inside the house... just not when we have NO clue of what is going to happen next with this Texas weather... have to enjoy it while it lasts.
Let me go!
Sour-puss face...

New crawl position... bear crawl...
Running wild...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet cousins...

Last weekend we hosted Megan's baby shower for Braylynn (2 more months!) at Rivercrest Country club. It was so much fun to see friends and family and Braxton and Harper both wanted to join me! We had the best time playing with Adelaide and Haynes, their twin cousins. They all especially loved the pink rock candy and teasing little Hippy with it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick trip...

Scott flew to Houston last week to attend the Nape oil & gas conference and Braxton and I decided to join him last minute. Braxton absolutely loved flying in an airplane and especially loved staying at "the hotel." He and Mommy had a special day all to ourselves and just an overall fantastic trip. Thanks Dad for letting us crash your work trip.

He loved looking out the "his" window and quickly pointed out everything from the moon to the stars, and the snow, which was actually clouds in the sky -- too stinkin' cute. He was completely blown away by the whole experience which made the boring trip that much more enjoyable.

Tired out after the big flight!
Ready for some room service the next morning... Pancakes please!
Then Braxton and I journeyed over to the Galleria which was less than .5 miles from our hotel - too cool. This mall has such wonderful attractions for kids that absolutely made Braxton's day. First stop - Kiddie Playland.
Second stop - Dylan's Candy Bar.
Third stop - The Rainforest Cafe.
Fourth stop - Toy kiosk.
Fifth stop - Thirsty's.
Maybe there were a few other stops in between...
Then back to the room to PLAY.
Next stop... walk across the street to Grotto for an early dinner.
Then back to the hotel to PLAY a little more.
Next morning... back to the airport... bright and early.
Homeward bound.
One of my favorite parts of the trip was when I told Braxton he was missing school to be on the vacation with us and he said, Mom - call the school and tell them I am at "the hotel"... such a sweet, innocent, excited boy. What a joy it is to have him as my child and be blessed daily by his presence. Thank you Jesus!

My little ballerina...

Time is flying by so fast here at our house and I am extremely behind on my blogging. It seems as though I won't sit down to write because I am too overwhelmed from all of my pictures and stories to tell. Here goes one bite at a time... yummy Elephant.
We have been busy with hosted events, snow days, Valentine's parties, trips, illnesses, luncheons, to who-knows-what else... it seems as though we just cannot slow down. I know this holds true for all families of 2+ kids and today I finally had a chance to play with Harper for a few solid hours uninterrupted... here are some cute pictures from our girly playtime:) I haven't put a tutu on her because she hasn't begun to walk... but she is close and who says you have to walk to wear a tutu?
Wait until you see what my Mom brought her back from Hawaii... stay tuned!